2021 Budget for the Episcopal Diocese of Utah

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For informational purposes, the 2021 budget as passed by Diocesan Council is available for download. 

“Due to the uncertainty of the continuing pandemic, the Diocesan Council directed the Diocesan Finance Committee to prepare the 2021 budget largely based on the 2020 budget, with few adjustments. The Diocesan Council adopted the presented budget understanding that the pandemic, and the hopeful recovery, will continue to alter how we gather and distribute funding and how and when we can enact various ministries that we have budgeted for in this document. Many budgetary items continue to have an uncertainty that could either have greater needs or lesser expenditures depending on the pandemic. As an overriding priority, Bishop Scott B. Hayashi has directed the Diocese to safely and compassionately hold God’s people and to be in full compliance to mitigate the pandemic and its horrible effects on our members, families, and neighbors. This has or can especially effect our Camp, Episcopal Church Center of Utah hospitality, in church worship, travel, communications as we produce online services, Bishop search process, and outreach ministries. 

Respectfully submitted by: 

Stacy Shelton 

Chief Financial Officer 

Diocese of Utah