Candidates for Diocesan Council
Salt Lake Region

Kristin Madden 

Nominated by: The Rev. Kurt Weisner

Congregation: St Paul’s (Salt Lake City) 

Statement of Nomination:

Kristin has served on diocesan bodies in the past – Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, Jubilee Committee, Canonical Revision Task Force. She is committed to following through on any commitment she makes. She has also served her congregation on vestry, as Senior Warden, choir member, altar guild (not currently). 

Candidates for Diocesan Council Eastern Region

**No candidates have yet filed for this office

Candidates for Standing Committee (Clergy)

Nominee: The Rev. Michael Carney

Nominated by: Russell Pack

Congregation: St. Elizabeth’s (White Rocks)

Statement of Nomination: 

Michael is currently serving at White Rocks. His pastoral care there and elsewhere, including in various diocesan roles, is exemplary and faithful. He is steady and steadfast in the best sense of both words. He is prayerful and brings a sense of calm and direction in serving on committees and as a leader. 

Candidates for Standing Committee

Nominee: Kurt Cook

Nominated by: debi Kuwada

Congregation: All Saint’s Episcopal Church (SLC)

Statement of Nomination: 

Kurt has been a member of the Diocese since 2002 and has served on the Standing Committee for the past two years. During that time he participated in Standing Committee/Diocesan Council visitations to St. Jude’s, Spirit of the Desert, St. David’s, St. Francis’, St. Michael’s, St. Peter’s and the Sudanese Congregation at All Saints. After worshipping with each community he visited, he spent time after each service getting to understand each group and to learn about what they felt was important in the life of the Diocese.  He found joy in connecting with others in the dioceses and visiting our historical sites.  This visitation program came to a sudden halt with the pandemic. Kurt has been a positive and active contributor in the progress of our current New Bishop Search and would like to continue with that process to its conclusion.  He has also expressed a strong desire to continue visitations to each parish connecting Standing Committee with our dioceses.   His knowledge of our Episcopal history here in Utah has also added to Standing Committee’s  growth and understanding of who we are and our rich history here in Utah. Kurt is willing and able to server as your representative on Standing Committee.

Candidates for Disciplinary Board (Clergy)

Nominee: The Rev. Dave Sakrison 

Nominated by: Steve Hutchinson

Congregation: St. Francis Episcopal Church (Moab) 

Statement of Nomination:

“I have served on this board before and have good knowledge of what is expected.”






**No candidates have yet filed for this office

Candidates for Disciplinary Board

Nominee: Angela Micklos

Nominated by: Steve Hutchinson

Congregation: St. James Episcopal Church (Midvale) 

Statement of Nomination:

Angela Micklos is continuing her service for a second three-year term as Senior Warden at St. James Church.  Her faithful service to the Church in many lay ministry capacities has been a constant focus of her life since childhood.  Angela is extremely well qualified for service on the Disciplinary Board.  As a lawyer, she has worked as a prosecutor, then as a member of the Utah State Board of Pardons and Parole, and later as its Chair.

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